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Known as "the Voice of Meetings and Events," Glenn Thayer is a professional conference moderator and master of ceremonies specializing in strategic content delivery and audience engagement.

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Your Content: Heard, Understood, Remembered

The meetings and events industry along with what defines a dynamic event continues to evolve. However, why people attend hasn’t changed: to learn, to network, and to share ideas and information. Whether a large corporate conference or a small format event, the critical component of a positive attendee experience is how well content is communicated and delivered. Glenn’s expertise in hosting live events ensures that your content is delivered fluidly and effectively. His versatility, audience engagement strategies, and familiarity with the production process offer event planners, producers, and meeting owners the ability to successfully execute the objectives of each event. Glenn’s services can be customized and tailored to add more value, to meet the unique nuances of each event, and to enhance the attendee experience.

Master of Ceremonies (Emcee), Conference Host

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Conference Facilitation, Panel Moderation

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Speaker Interviews, Sponsor Promotion, Custom VOG

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General Session Design and Format Consultation

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Conference Pre- and Post-videos, Daily Wrap Ups, Podcasts

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"I can't say enough good things about Glenn Thayer--a professional in every sense of the word. Glenn has been the emcee for our annual conference, as well as an an emcee for our awards gala. He knows how to get the attention of the audience (not an easy feat!) and keep them engaged. He does his homework so he is fully prepared on stage. One of Glenn's strong suits is the ability to synthesize a speaker's presentation, ask pointed questions, and engage the audience. I don't want to do an event without him!"

Marilee Yorchak, CAE, Executive Director, Business Marketing Association—Colorado

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